Culinary experience

Eat, drink and relax

Assaboreix les ostres del Delta de l’Ebre i altres productes de la zona amb el xef privat de Fernweh.

Take your taste buds on a tantalising trip to intense flavours and soft textures in a fascinating culinary experience in the Ebro Delta. The ultimate exclusive experience of exploring a world of delicious tastes that are very different from those that you were brought up with. Our expert chefs will delight you with a unique food experience (prepared with fresh local ingredients) sharing their culinary expertise and their love for our homeland.

Tradition and modernity collide in the hands of our chefs. You can choose between a more innovative approach to our cuisine with a more modern culinary experience, or an unforgettable taste of the Ebro Delta through the traditional dishes. Traditional-style smoked eel, fresh oysters and mussels from the Fangar and Alfac’s bays, prawns, xapadillo d’anguila (sun-dried eel), duck paella… The best wine (Terra Alta and Montsant wines and cava) and food pairings for a unique culinary experience in the Ebro Delta.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the most appetising and exquisite textures, tastes, aromas and colours you could ever image.


This activity is exclusively for Villa Fernweh and for special visits to Buda island.

Tailor-made culinary service prepared with fresh local ingredients and seasonal products all paired with Terra Alta and Montsant champagne and wines.

Group activity. Before booking, please consult us.

At least 1 week in advance. Payment of the full amount of the activity.